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Find Purpose, Achieve Balance and Be Made Whole

Minds Made Whole, PLLC is an organization that provides clients with an opportunity to find purpose, achieve balance, and be made whole.  For more information about my services and what I can do for you, please browse through my website or contact me personally with questions about your needs.

            My Story

   Dr. Chantelle E. Bernard, Ed.S, MA, LPC

           The Counselor Who “Coaches”

I’m a professional counselor who uses a solution-focused coaching model to help client’s find purpose, achieve balance, and become made whole. I am humbled by the opportunity to walk alongside you as you consider the process of making changes in your life or looking toward a more enriching and authentic future.

Since 2013, I’ve been successfully counseling and coaching clients throughout the Richmond, Virginia area and facilitating their self-growth. I realize that the simple exercise of living exposes us to seen and unforeseen challenges, and that becoming known to oneself is a lifelong task. My own personal life story has taken a series of unexpected turns; however, I feel that I have persevered and thrived over the years. I believe that my personal journey, education, and professional training makes me uniquely situated to serve you on your path of self-discovery.  I also believe that our endeavor to find purpose and to be made whole is stifled when we attempt settle and live in only one part of ourselves.

By choosing MMW, PLLC, you will be able to gain insight into all the parts of yourself, and grab hold of a more authentic, balanced and purpose-filled life. I look forward to the opportunity to help you “bloom, blossom, and thrive”, and gain access to the life you were meant to live.   

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Our Philosophy: 

And the day will come, when the risk to remain tight in a bud is more painful than the risk it takes to blossom”

~Anaïs Nin

Service Plans & Rates

“Find Your Path to Success and Put Your Life Into Focus”

Professional Life and Relationship Coaching with Minds Made Whole, PLLC is unlike any other organizations of its kind. I take pride in helping people improve their lives, and make the necessary changes needed to live a more fulfilling life. I understand that every individual has unique circumstances, and may require a different path in terms of the type of service that will facilitate their change, as well as the financial resources they have on hand to make it happen. For this reason, I've created various Life Coaching and Relationship Management Plans to make my services as flexible and feasible as possible. However, there are times when an individual needs deeper insight into themselves and their experiences, and professional counseling is needed. I can recommend the best resources in the community by way of referral to those who need it. Sign up for an initial consultation, so we can figure out which services are right for you.

Psychology Patient

Life Coaching Plans

Bloom, Blossom & Thrive or Awaken, Connect & Soar

Life throws many surprises at us, and while we cannot predict the outcome of any situation, we can take control of how we respond to certain situations. This life coaching program is designed to help clients learn how to achieve an authentic life, accept their past, and begin exerting power over their future. There is not time like the present to begin blooming into YOUR next level results. (See Plans and Pricing).

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Relationship Coaching Plans

“Before the Ring”, “We Put a Ring On It”, and “We're Hitched! But We Need Help!

The key to a successful relationship is knowledge and understanding. Relationship coaching is an essential service for couples seeking to improve communication, repair relational speed bumps, and create a smooth path for a long-lasting love connection. MMW, PLLC offers three programs “Before The Ring”, “We Put A Ring On It”, and "We’re Hitched! But We Need Help! to guide couples who are seriously committed, newly engaged, or already married through a process of relationship education, analysis and training. In a few short sessions, couples will be able to harness the power of their similarities and differences, and use the knowledge gained to manage conflict and sustain relational intimacy overtime. (See Plans and Pricing).

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Initial Consultation-“Finding The Right Fit”

Coaching vs. Therapy?

Professional life coaching and counseling are great options for individuals seeking to reduce distress or improve life outcomes.  At Minds Made Whole, PLLC, I offer prospective clients valuable insight and guidance into the type of service that will benefit them the most. In many cases, a coaching relationship is perfect for those who are seeking to make a life transition or amplify success. However, there are times when counseling is more beneficial, and the client’s transformation requires a safe and supportive space to explore the origins of emotional and psychological distress. Choose a (30 min or 1hr discussion) Starting@ $75.00.

Meditation Group

Group Wellness Workshops

“Themed Meditation Events”

Awaken your senses, align your body, express the stress, and rejuvenate your mind. MMW, PLLC offers a variety of wellness classes that will help you and your friends inhale clarity, and exhale toxicity. Whether, you need meditation, conflict resolution, or education on managing stress. You will leave your class feeling relaxed and balanced. Contact us to design a class or workshop that best suits your needs (Group pricing). 

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4860 Cox Road, Suite 200
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Phone: 804-441-0551

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